Improve hourly employee retention and reduce turnover

Instant pay provides a competitive advantage in the current tight labor market; employers who offer instant pay see 13% less turnover and a 250% increase in applicants for open positions.

Ideal for businesses with 200 or more hourly employees - no upper limit. Unemployment is at historical lows, and Instant Pay is a valued benefit that gives employers a competitive advantage. Over 1 million employees using the app so far - don't miss this opportunity to get the upper hand. No cost to the employer.


"I actually showed it to my District Manager and he was crazy about it. What hooked me in was the on-boarding process, pretty easy to start using the app and get your employees on board. Regional channels would work great for our district as well, when more locations join. "

- T. Harmon, General Manager, Fast Food Restaurant Group

"Your team’s support has been excellent and we are particularly impressed with the card-management platform and the ease in payment oversight and management that it provides."

- Nathan E, Controller, 4-year College

"An assessment of our business determined our actual payroll was significantly less than the estimated payroll on our Workers' Comp policy which resulted in us getting a $34,000 refund."

- Owner, Contractor

"Everything about our relationship and experience with your team has been outstanding. I am particularly amazed by the fact that everything happened exactly as your ales team explained it would."

- William S., VP Finance, Publishing Company

"Advocacy on our company's behalf with the claims administrator and class counsel increased our Class Action claim settlement by $1.5 million, something we wouldn't have gotten without that support."

- CFO, Healthcare System

"Our council recently implemented a virtual payment platform through your service that has allowed our organization to utilize a more secure structure for paying our vendors and it produces revenue on an annual basis for our council."

- Cathy G., Accountant, Non-Profit Youth Organization

"We realized a considerable savings that would have otherwise gone to the IRS. We now understand why a Cost Segregation study was essential to our business bottom line."

- Owner, Hotel

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