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"Overwhelmingly positive"

"The feedback we've received from our clients on the technology has been overwhelmingly positive. Specifically, I thought you would benefit from me sharing some of the common themes that our banks have heard from our 25 clients regarding the program. Each of them has conveyed the following:

  1. The revenue generation for has been significant.
  2. The program has truly improved accounts payable processes and has substantially cut down on costs.
  3. The ability to use this product through existing Accounting/ERP systems made start-up very easy and seamless. The level of effort has been conveyed as minimal and well worth the small amount of time invested.
  4. The vendor enrollment process support provided by your team was outstanding. The letters, phone calls and collaboration that comprised communicating to, and signing on vendors was nearly effortless. Most importantly, our clients still felt like they were in control of everything.

We wish all the third party programs we offered our clients had the same success and reputation that we have experienced with you. We really appreciate our relationship with your team and what it has meant to our mutual clients. Thank you."

- N. Fraser C., Group VP, Financial Services Company

"Well worth it"

"Your service is proving to be an excellent partner to our accounting team.

Having recently received our third rebate check, we have now completed several cycles with you. Your support to our team has been outstanding. From signing our agreement, through implementation, to our first payment and now in receipt of our rebates, the process has proven simple, non-intrusive and well worth it.

Your team’s support has been excellent and we are particularly impressed with the card-management platform and the ease in payment oversight and management that it provides.

Please accept my strong endorsement of your services and the use of virtual cards as a payment option for other colleges and universities."

- Nathan E, Controller, 4-year College

"$34,000 refund!"

"An assessment of our business determined our actual payroll was significantly less than the estimated payroll on our Workers' Comp policy which resulted in us getting a $34,000 refund."

- Contractor, Owner

"Considerable Savings"

"We realized a considerable savings that would have otherwise gone to the IRS. We now understand why a Cost Segregation study was essential to our business bottom line."

- Hotel, Owner

"Very pleased with the results"

"Our council recently implemented a virtual payment platform through your service that has allowed our organization to utilize a more secure structure for paying our vendors and it produces revenue on an annual basis for our council. The payment platform has been easy to use and we have been very pleased with the results. The process has eased the bank reconciliation process, as the number of outstanding checks has decreased. We also have less issues with the USPS, since we are bypassing that situation.

We would recommend to any Scout Council that is looking to streamline their payment process and drive revenue directly to their bottom line explore all the benefits that your team can deliver."

- Cathy G., Accountant, Non-Profit Youth Organization


"I wanted to write you a quick note to tell how happy we are with our partnership with your team.

Everything about our relationship and experience with your team has been outstanding. I am particularly amazed by the fact that everything happened exactly as your ales team explained it would. They touted your ability to run a superb supplier enrollment effort and they were right. With over 60% of our spend converted to virtual cards, we are seeing outstanding revenue from this program. It really has been as scripted if not better.

I highly recommend your team to anyone considering you as a payments partner."


- William S., VP Finance, Publishing Company

"A better way to pay"

"As you are aware, we work with thousands of clients, whom we have traditionally supported by providing ACH, check and wire payments. Because of our partnership with you we are now making over 1000 payments per month through your virtual card platform.

This new form of virtual card payments has proven to be easy and efficient. The rebate on these payments is an excellent perk, but the efficiency afforded to us for payments, card monitoring of payments and payment reconciliation has been a bonus that we had not originally anticipated.

Simply stated, this is just a better way to pay.

You guys are a great partner and we appreciate the support you have provided us."

- Rudy B., Chief Operating Officer, Tax Payment Services

"Great service, Great product"

"After working with you all for our virtual card payments, I thought it would be a good time to share with you my team’s level of satisfaction with your team and your level of service.

As I am sure you hear from many of your clients regarding the sales process, I had a healthy level of skepticism when it came to using your team and Virtual Cards.

Your team promised me that your virtual card program would require “no cost, no obligation, and minimal effort” and in return, we would gain AP efficiency and a healthy rebate. It sounded too good to be true, but it was not.

I don’t mind you sharing this recommendation with your next clients. My experience has shown me that there is only “up-side” to this program. I recommend that any prospects move ahead with your team, and if their experience is like ours, they will be happy they did.

Thank you to you and your team. You have great service and a great product.

We are looking forward to a strong partnership in 2017 and beyond."

- Dennis P., Director of Finance, National Supply Company

"Increased Settlement"

"Advocacy on our company's behalf with the claims administrator and class counsel increased our Class Action claim settlement by $1.5 million, something we wouldn't have gotten without that support."

- Healthcare System, CFO

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