earned wage access


Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access (EWA) provides your hourly employees with same-day access to their earned wages, helping to alleviate stress, increase engagement and ultimately decrease employee turnover.

Employers offering EWA enjoy a 13% reduction in turnover, 10% less absenteeism and 60% more applicants for open positions.

Get in front of your competitors by offering EWA before other companies who are competing for the same employees.

Your workers will follow the best benefits, and EWA is at the top of the list.

EWA is like a payroll ATM in your hourly workers' pockets. There is no cost to the employer, and a nominal fee for employees for each withdrawal - much like an ATM fee. No other interest or fees. EWA offers your employees a way to reduce financial stress and manage their own financial lives with dignity.

Over 1 Million users on the platform to date

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