Healthcare Savings


Reduce employee healthcare expense 12-25% and improve value & access.

Health care costs are the second highest expense employers face in the United States after payroll. We'll show you innovative solutions that focus on reducing claims costs and improving your healthcare experience - like zero co-pays and out of pocket expenses.

You don’t necessarily have to throw out your current broker or plan. Just layer our plan on top of your existing one and keep your relationship with your broker. Or change your current plan and replace it with ours, if that’s what you want to do. Either way, the choice is yours, and we’ll do everything we can to make the process simple and stress-free.

Are rising healthcare costs a concern for your organization? Would your employees appreciate better access at a lower cost to them? Talk to us now, no matter how long until your next renewal. We’ll help you identify and implement a healthcare alternative that’s tailored to you and your employees.

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) solution is a revolutionary program that eliminates medical care barriers. Ideal for organizations with 100 or more insured lives, it gives patients access to the full range of comprehensive primary services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventative care, men’s and women’s health, chronic disease management, care coordination, and more. This service is a member-focused form of concierge medicine that guides patients through the complex healthcare system, giving them high-quality care in a way that’s cost-effective for both employer and employee.

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