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Increase your business’s efficiency without changing how you do business. Our service experts will review current contracts and service statements, looking for opportunities to save you money. These are managed services that afford you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re not overpaying and let you focus on what you do best: running your business. Leave the rest to us. And if we find that you are not being over-billed or over-charged in any of these areas, there is no charge for our assessment.

Expense Reduction Value Delivered To-Date: $150+ Million

There are three primary areas of opportunity to save money in copier and printer leases, regardless of expiration. Many of the techniques used within these areas require a deep knowledge of the copier industry and finesse in negotiations with the dealers. Our research shows that 97% of all leases have excessive costs and waste which erode profits and funds that could be put to better use.

We have a proven track record renegotiating bad contracts and creating “found money,” with savings often seen in less than 45 days. It all starts with a free snapshot analysis and lease review report card that we build using advanced analytics that minimize time and eliminate guess-work. We use this framework to help businesses of all sizes find money in their vendor contracts and services. Let us do the work while you reap the rewards: elimination of spending waste, increased work efficiency and reduced risk concerning paper document information.

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