Less than 30 years ago, family health coverage cost just $200 per month. Now the cost to insure the same family is over $1600 and rising quickly. Costs are up, deductibles are rising, and both employers & employees are suffering.

There is no magic solution, but we can help minimize and in some cases even reverse the upward trajectory of costs. Utilizing a variety of approaches we will help you improve the value and access for your employees, while at the same time reduce your costs. Sound to good to be true? It’s not – let’s get on the phone for 10 minutes and we’ll explain what we do.

Healthcare plan renewals for 2019 are coming up soon, so now is the time to act. If you like your current broker and plan, we can offer solutions that layer on top of those existing relationships and still save you money. Or we’ll be glad to propose a completely new plan tailored to your budget, wishes and needs.

Let’s talk!