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Andy Charles,
Principal Advisor

Central Avenue Advisors focuses on improving retention, automating processes and improving the bottom line.

We help companies and nonprofits improve hourly employee retention and reduce turnover by bringing instant pay access to your workforce. There is not cost to the employer, and results show offering instant pay is a true competitive advantage.

Our AP automation solution provides a world-class platform backed by a global leader. Modernize your systems and generate rebates from paying vendors.

We also reduce healthcare costs while improving value and access for your employees.

Our focused goal is to help you improve bottom-line results without risk, and we are passionate about making it happen!

Our revenue model is purely performance-based; we don’t get paid unless you do. We work with US companies of all sizes (Fortune 500 to small local businesses), nonprofits, schools, and local governments. If there is an opportunity to find money, we will pursue it on your behalf.

Andy Charles studied engineering at Princeton University, served in the Navy Submarine Service and worked in senior manufacturing leadership roles for 30 years. He also owned an iconic Maine chocolate company and grew profits by—you guessed it—finding money in his business.

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